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"Responsibility and honesty always were Sean's M.O. I would be priveledged if he were a member of my design team."

Jonathan Spears (President at Sage Design Studios, Inc.)

Amy Cupples

(Sustainability Advocate | Landscape Architect

| Climate Technology Creator)

"Sean's design skills combined with his technical knowledge have allowed him to work with great success on numerous types of projects. He is a pleasure to work with and always provides thoughtful insight, inspiring design and a solid technical background for each project. Sean is an asset to any project or company."

Michael Mueller

(Partner Architect)

"I had the pleasure of working with Sean (as landscape architect) on the Talisker Club Residences at Deer Valley - Park City, UT. As architect and landscape architect, we had to work together on a very difficult and tight mountain site. Sean's ability to think "outside the box" and offer creative solutions was a great asset to the project. I'd recommed Sean for any team seeking a team player, and someone who is professional, creative and hard-working."

James Olsen

(Licensed Architect at HKS Architects)

"I had the opportunity to work with Sean on the Talisker Club Residences project and was impressed with Sean's communication skills and ability to address others concerns honestly and directly. Sean is a skilled and motivated team player and is valuable asset to any to any project."

Nathan Rundel

(at Build Group Inc)

"I have enjoyed working with Sean on several challenging projects and found him to be a very passionate professional. Working on both the site planning and the landscape architecture, Sean is focused, direct and committed to working with others to get the job done and meet all of his clients requirements."

Walter Stewart

(Owner at Walter Raleigh Stewart)

"I worked together with Sean for several years on a wide variety of project types in the office and in the field. Sean is a talented and hard working landscape architect and planner. He has excellent problem solving skills, and is comfortable producing both CAD materials and beautiful drawings. He is professional and knows how to make things happen on the job site. Sean gets on well with others and is a real team player. I look forward to working together with him in the future and would recommend him to others."

Andrew Dance

(Executive Vice President Head of Acquisitions

& Development, Hospitality)

"Sean is a very talented landscape architect and planner who understands the business objectives of a project and delivers creative and thoughtful solutions to meet those objectives. He has a great work ethic, completes projects in a timely manner, and is a pleasure to work with."
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